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Colors seem to dance throughout the anthropology wing where eagle feathered headdresses and dance regalia along with buckskin clothing and accessories are exhibited. You will find North American and Peruvian Indian clothing, jewelry, war bonnets, moccasins, breast plates, a dentalium collared dress, and a baby carrier are displayed. These 200 items, including the buffalo hide council robe of Cheyenne Chief Thunderbird will be especially interesting because they instill a vibrant sense of the lives and history behind them.

Visitors will find a display of brightly colored trade bead and necklaces, pipe tomahawks, and a collection of early guns. There is also a display representing the island cultures. The similarity of these artifacts to those of some of the Americas is too significant to be overlooked, lending credibility to the theory that some of the cultures arrived via the water rout in lieu of a land bridge.

Museum Graphic Museum Graphic

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