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Transcript Requests

ATTENTION: Due to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, paper and electronic transcript processing may experience significant delays. Barring any unforeseen changes, transcript orders will continue to be processed bi-monthly (twice a month). We are unable to provide rush and pick-up services until further notice. Please email any questions to

How do I request a transcript?

Cuyamaca College has retained Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders over the Internet. Students may request official transcripts through WebAdvisor under the Students Menu. Once selecting Transcript Request, you will be taken to the TranscriptsPlus website managed by Credentials Inc. Official transcripts requested through WebAdvisor do not require a signature page faxed to Admissions.

Please note: There is an additional service charge of $2.30 per transcript to use this service and all fees must be paid by credit card. Be assured that TranscriptsPlus uses current web encryption technology and your information is secure.

Previous students without access to WebAdvisor, please click on the logo below to order transcripts.  (Online requests made directly through Credentials Solutions do require a signature page.)


Check the status of my order: to track your order click here. 

Please Note: All transcripts released to students are stamped ISSUED TO STUDENT

What does it cost?

The first two "regular" official transcripts are free of charge. Additional "regular" transcripts are $3.00 each. If mailed, shipping time will take 2 to 9 business days.

"Rush" official transcripts are $5.00 each. If requested by mail, rush transcripts will be processed and mailed within two business day (48 hours). You must indicate RUSH in your request letter. If mailed, shipping time will take 2 to 9 business days.

Please note: There is an additional service charge of $2.30 per transcript to use this service. 

What is a transcript?

A transcript is a piece of paper, either official or unofficial, which lists all the classes that you have completed and/or are currently enrolled in at a particular college. If official transcripts have been sent from other colleges to Cuyamaca College, the unit totals (only) will be included in the Advanced Standing on your Cuyamaca College transcript.

Your math and English assessment scores are not included on the Cuyamaca College transcript.

Your Cuyamaca College transcript is a District Transcript that includes classes taken at Cuyamaca College and Grossmont College.

What types of transcripts are available?

"Unofficial" transcripts--printed on plain paper and obtained, in person, from the Counseling Center.

"Regular" official transcripts--printed on official paper and sealed and processed within 5 business days, plus shipping time.

"Rush" official transcripts--same as "regular" official transcript but ready in 48 hours, plus shipping time.

"Same-day" rush transcripts for pick-up only may be ordered in person by coming into the Admissions and Records Office at Cuyamaca College. Please note: Rush transcripts may be picked up on the same-day. Processing time may be delayed during our busy periods.

Transcripts to SDSU are sent electronically and are processed two times per week. Transcripts to SDSU are considered regular transcripts.

Academic History - You may print your Academic History from WebAdvisor to get your past grades, courses taken, semesters attended and grade point average. Login to WebAdvisor and proceed to the "student menu." Select "Academic History" under the "Academic Profile" heading. On the prompt "Transcript Type" select "WA WebAdvisor." Please note: Prior students who have not attended the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District for over ten years will be unable to access the Webadvisor.

How long does it take?

"Regular" official transcript requests are processed within 5 business days after the request is received, plus shipping time.

"Rush" transcripts are processed within 2 business days after the request is received, plus shipping time.

If mailed, please take in to account the additional shipping time (2 to 9 business days depending on destination).  If the recipient has not received your official transcript after 9 business days you are eligible to request one courtesy copy to be resent within 30 days of your original order.  You can request the courtesy copy by contacting Credentials Solutions Customer Service at 1-847-716-3005.  After 30 days of your original order you will need to submit a new request.

When requested for pick up in person, the regular processing is 3-5 business days and the rush processing is 2 business days.  You will receive an email when your order has been processed or when it is ready for pick up.  The student will need to provide a photo ID in order to pick up official transcripts.  The student is the only one that can pick up their official transcripts.  They cannot authorize anyone else to pick it up.

If transcripts are requested for pickup in the Admissions Office we will only hold your official transcripts for one year then it will be shredded and a new order must be submitted.

When are "final" transcripts available?

Once final exams begin, official transcripts can be requested but they will not be "final" until ALL grades have been processed. A "final" transcript will be available approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the end of each term. (The "final" transcript will include all semester notes; President's List or Dean's List, for example.)

You may view your grades (and print a report card) using WebAdvisor

If you have any questions regarding ordering transcripts please contact:

Contact: Yesenia Bustos Valdovinos
Office: Admissions and Records One Stop Center Building A300
Title: Admissions and Records, Assistant

How can I get a course description?

The descriptions for all Cuyamaca College courses are in the college catalogs. For years 2002-present , the official descriptions can be printed from our college website. Contact Admissions and Records at (619) 660-4275 if you need course descriptions for classes in earlier catalog years.

Official transcripts from foreign schools

Beginning with the fall 2000 semester, official transcripts from foreign schools may be accepted by Cuyamaca College.

Transcripts (educational credentials) issued in foreign countries from non-American system institutions and those in languages other than English require special handling. Each foreign transcript must be translated into English and submitted to one of the companies listed below for an official evaluation.

Cuyamaca College accepts evaluations of foreign transcripts from only those agencies that are current members of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluations Services).  For a current list of agencies visit:

You will need to contact the evaluation company you select for their particular foreign transcripts evaluation procedures. Once completed, have the evaluation report mailed to the Evaluations Office, Cuyamaca College, 900 Rancho San Diego Parkway, El Cajon, CA 92019.

Cuyamaca College's procedures for the evaluation of foreign transcript:

  1. We must receive a detailed evaluation report with subject breakdowns, course descriptions and grades from the official foreign transcripts. The official report must be in English and in a sealed envelope.

  2. The official report will be reviewed by the Evaluations Office regarding the possible clearing of general education courses for graduation.

  3. English and speech courses on any evaluation report will be awarded elective credit only.

  4. Courses will only be used to satisfy major requirements with the approval of the department on a Modification of Major form.

  5. Courses will not be used for General Education Breadth or IGETC certifications.

  6. Official foreign transcripts will not be required by Cuyamaca College since the official transcripts are submitted to the evaluation service.

If you have questions regarding this procedure, please contact the Admissions and Records Office at (619) 660-4275.

Last Updated: 04/02/2020
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