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Welcome to the Art Wing of the museum. Here you see permanent displays of western art, as well as bronze sculptures. The wing also houses a Fina Art Gallery, with paintings by noted artists for sale. Artists donate a portion of the sales to the museum, so the Gallery also serves as a fundraiser for the museum. As you start your journey, you see the portraits of our founders, Bernard "Bud" Lueck and Bernadette Lueck. This display also includes an Olaf Weighorst oil, title War Party, and a sculpture by Alexander Phimeister Proctor, The Indian Warrior. Other sculptures in the wing are A Nest of Eagles by Jack Riley and Coming Through the Rye by Frederic Remington.

Continuing, you will view a myriad of colorful paintings from a wide variety of artists including: Alfredo Rodriquez, Padre Johnson, Marjorie Reed, Jack Jordan, Gene Locklear, Ted DeGrazia and Mark Lueck, to name a few.

The journey continues back in time where you see a festival of colors in Peruvian textiles and Huichol beaded jaguar heads. Paintings of Mayan temples are visions of the mystical jungles of Central America.

And then there is the jade. The Chinese felt that jade was the "Stone of Heaven". Impressive Chinese jade pieces and bronze statues grace the entire Art Wing. Lying in the center of the wing is a rare "Jade Burial Suit" from the Han Dynasty (206 BC -221 AD). The Chinese believed encasing a body in jade would ensure immortality to the wearer.

Your journey culminates with a spectacular display. A remarkable 15 ft. long Song Dynasty (960 AD - 1200 AD) scroll, Festival on the River, depicting daily life in and near the Sung capital. Majestically displayed above the scroll is a breathtaking, five-level, intricately carved Jade Dragon Ship from the Qing Dynasty (1644 AD - 1911 AD). Measuring 5 feet long and 52 inches tall, the elaborate openwork of the vessel is detailed with phoenixes, birds and dragons.

We invite you to come experience your own journey!

Museum Graphic Museum Graphic

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