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Museum Founders - Bernaed & Bernadette Lueck

FoundersThe Heritage of the Americas Museum is an educational and cultural center featuring the prehistoric and historic art, culture, and natural history of the Americas. Major contributions from over ten exceptional collectors, representing over 500 years of collecting time, have made the large number of items reserved for the museum possible. In fact, collections have formed the basis for the major museums of the world including the Smithsonian, The British National Museum, and the Heye Foundation. The sciences of Natural History, Paleontology, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Art are also all products of the refinements of the collecting process.

The concept behind the museum is to take visitors on a journey through time. As they discover the past, their imaginations will be challenged, and they will be encouraged to further explore areas of interest at the major museums. Because of its relatively small size, the Heritage of the Americas Museum is not a competitive facility, but a supportive program for other county museums.

Artifacts and art serve as a documentation of life and civilizations throughout the ages. In the words of Bernard Lueck, "To be lost and never found is to be nothing." Through the discovery of these antiquities, mankind is educated and inspired. We invite you to venture into this wonderful world of discovery.

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