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Be a part of democracy at Cuyamaca College!

Election: 2020 ASGCC Elections

Run for Associated Student Government positions. Please click here for the application. All applications and materials are due on May 1, 2020 by noon.

Please email all applications to Dr. Lauren Vaknin at:

Associated Student Government Application


What is ASGCC?

The Associated Student Government of Cuyamaca College (ASGCC) is an elected association that promotes the following objectives:

  • To serve as an active student voice in the operation of the college, including both shared governance and the management of student activities.
  • To provide an opportunity for leadership experience and training for students.
  • To enhance, wherever possible, the general excellence of the college, uniting the interests of all persons - faculty, administration, local residents and students.

When is the Special Section?

The 2020 special election is from May 11, 2020 at 8:00am until May 13, 2020 at 12:00pm (noon). The elections will close promptly at noon.

Who Can Vote?

All students that are taking classes at Cuyamaca College in Spring 2020 may vote in this special election. Your student fees provide you with the opportunity to help choose your representatives in ASGCC.

Who are the Candidates?

Click on a candidate's name to view their statement.




Kristie Macogay

Greetings! My name is Kristie Macogay and I am a third year Cuyamaca College-student running for ASG President! As president, I want to continue the efforts in expanding the best Cuyamaca College-experience as possible socially and academically. I would like to improve and support our campus resources and improve the communication and engagement between students with our faculty and staff. Any candidate can make promises, but I follow through. In this semester as senator, I have made several accomplishments and experiences that would qualify me as a suitable candidate for the position:

Worked with ASGCC in projects such as student activities and cultural events with voice input in the board meetings

Participated in campus events including ASG-facilitated events such as concerts and festivals

Represented the Cuyamaca student body in committees such as the Student Senate of California Community College’s Region X

Provided Office hours to help students in any campus assistance

If you’re looking to elect the most approachable, dedicated, and proactive candidate, who can and will execute arrangements, vote for Kristie Macogay as President!


Student Trustee

Robert McClain

Hello my fellow students my name is Robert McClain and I want to represent Cuyamaca college as Student Trustee. My main goal as Student Trustee will be to make communication between the student body and the board easier. As Student Trustee it will be my job to voice your opinions and concerns to the board during meetings and to make sure that all student interests are represented, especially those who don’t have nearly enough representation normally. Achieving my goal of making the communication between the administrative side of campus and the students will take the help of many, we will use surveys and events hosted on campus to listen to concerns, and then formulate a plan to bring it up to the board that will bring about the most successful changes. A trustee is the intermediary between the students, those on the governing board, and federal legislators; in order to successfully do my job I will have to create and maintain relationships with all sides understanding what each needs.Skills that I developed while working as an office coordinator will help me to better understand what is needed.  If I am elected I will do my absolute best to help everyone on campus succeed by helping to foster an environment of learning and safety.

Salutations Fellow Coyote 



Saul Martinez Chavez

My name is Saul Martinez Chavez, as current senator I have noticed how it can be confusing for my mates and I to keep track of the budget due to how there is no treasurer. Being a current ASGCC member has given experience for the allocation of
funding. With this if being elected as treasurer, I  will be able to keep financial records and ensure the allocation of funds to needed causes that will benefit the students.Saul-Photo.jpg

Director or Public Relations

Marialy Cuz

I am pleased to be running for Director of Public Relations. Being the Director of Public Relations one of my goals is to conduct research on how I can assist the students of Cuyamaca college with any concerns and expectations they might have. I am also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Pathway Academy where I can form connections that will serve the ASGCC and the student body. Some qualities I can bring to ASGCC is that I am a hardworking and driven person and I will do everything in my power to accomplish my goals. I am knowledgeable about different social media platforms, therefore; as a Director of Public Relations I will use any form of media and networks to serve and inform the student body while continuing to uphold the ASGCC.



You will receive a ballot via your email address on file at Cuyamaca College. The email's subject line will say "Associated Student Government Special Election Ballot" and will come directly from SurveyMonkey. If you have not received your ballot by May 1, 2020, please check your email's spam folder. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

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