Grievance Advocate

The College President shall annually establish a standing paper from which the student(s) who files the grievance or the respondent(s) select Student Advocates. The panel shall consist of a minimum of:

  • Two (2) students recommended by the Associated Student Government;
  • Two (2) faculty members recommended by the Academic Senate;
  • Two (2) administrators, supervisors, or staff selected by the College President.

The Associate Dean of Student Affairs will train the Student Advocates regarding the grievance process, regulations, and procedures. This training shall take place prior to the Student Advocate's assumption of the duties of the position.

The Student Advocate(s) shall assist the grievant(s) or the respondent(s) in understanding the grievance procedures, filing the appropriate forms, meeting all the timelines of these procedures, and communicating with College officials.


Dr. Lauren Vaknin
Dean of Student Affairs
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Phone: 619-660-4295

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