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Leadership Development

Student Affairs prides itself in providing a variety of opportunities for students to expand their horizons beyond the classroom setting.

Please come and partake in all the various activities, programs and trainings catered to help expand and develop your leadership skills. Therefore, ensuring you're a competitive individual in terms of applying for transfer, jobs or elsewhere. Moreover, if you'd like to see us provide programming in an area you don't see here - Please feel free to stop by our office in the Student Center, room I-124 because here at Cuyamaca your dreams are our own. 

The following is a list of activities, programs, and trainings we currently offer:

Workshop Schedules:

Fall Semester 2019

Spring Semester 2019

Fall Semester 2018

Spring Semester 2018

Fall Semester 2017

Spring Semester 2017

Fall Semester 2016

Spring Semester 2016

Get Inclusive 

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Last Updated: 09/30/2019


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