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Classified Senate

CC Classified Senate Meetings

Meeting Frequency: First Thursday of every month
Meeting Time: 1:00PM to 3:00PM
Meeting Location: B-264


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
06/18/2020 Agenda Meeting Rescheduled
05/07/2020 Agenda Minutes Classified Hiring Priorities Ranking List
Faculty Hiring Priorities List
Facilities Priority Ranking
ROC Other Rankings
Technology Requests Rankings
04/02/2020 Agenda Minutes Classified Hiring Committee Charge and Composition
03/05/2020 Agenda Minutes ROC Charge and Composition update
2017 Classified PD Needs assessment
02/06/2020 Agenda Minutes CLPD Schedule
Classified Resource Guide
01/06/2020 Agenda Minutes Resource Guide
Staffing Prioritization Committees- Faculty
Staffing Prioritization Committee Classified
Annual Planning Calendar


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/06/2019 Agenda Minutes Professional Development Proposal
Senate Retreat
11/07/2019 Agenda Meeting Cancelled
10/17/2019 Agenda Minutes IEC Charge and Composition
ROC Charge and Composition
09/05/2019 Agenda Minutes ISER
07/31/2019 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca Classified Senate Constitution and Bylaws
06/26/2019 Agenda Minutes Guided Pathways Presentation
05/15/2019 Agenda Minutes KPI standards and targets
Facilities Ranked Requests
Supply and Other Requests
Technology Requests
Classified Hiring Ranked List
Vision for Success & Student Equity Plan
04/24/2019 Agenda Minutes Website Re-design
Facilities Update
03/20/2019 Agenda Meeting Cancelled
ACP Final Recommendations
Cuyamaca College Research Guidelines
Vision For Success Goals
CCCCO Vision For Success Memo
02/27/2019 Agenda Minutes
01/30/2019 Agenda Minutes ROC Charge and Comp
SSEC Charge and Comp


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/26/2018 Meeting Cancelled-Happy Holidays!
11/28/2018 Agenda Minutes Accreditation Presentation
IE Charge and Composition
SESC Charge and Composition
10/31/2018 Agenda Minutes Program Review Steering Committee Charge and Composition
Guided Pathways Steering Committee Charge and Composition
09/26/2018 Agenda
08/29/2018 Agenda
07/25/2018 Agenda
06/27/2018 Agenda Minutes
05/30/2018 Agenda
04/25/2018 Agenda Governance Redesign Slides
Accreditation Slides
03/21/2018 Agenda Minutes
02/28/2018 Agenda
01/31/2018 Minutes College Governance Discussion


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/05/2017 Agenda Minutes
10/25/2017 Agenda Minutes California Guided Pathways
Cuyamaca College Council Committee Organization Chart
09/27/2017 Agenda
08/30/2017 Agenda Minutes
07/26/2017 Agenda Minutes
06/28/2017 Agenda
05/31/2017 Agenda Meeting canceled.
04/26/2017 Agenda Minutes
03/29/2017 Agenda
02/22/2017 Meeting canceled.
01/25/2017 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca College Strategic Plan 2016-2022


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
09/13/2016 Agenda
08/02/2016 No meeting held.
07/19/2016 Agenda Minutes Please note, the meeting has been rescheduled from 7/5/16 to 7/19/16.
06/07/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/03/2016 Agenda Minutes Classified Senate Constitution & Bylaws
Professional Development Taskforce Recommendations
Classified Staff Professional Development Advisory Council Notes
04/05/2016 Agenda Minutes
03/15/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/02/2016 Meeting Cancelled
01/05/2016 Agenda Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/01/2015 Meeting Cancelled
11/03/2015 Agenda Minutes
10/06/2015 Agenda
09/01/2015 Agenda

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